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Police Investigations

Criminal Law

Whether under arrest or attending at the police station voluntarily for interview, the experience can be a daunting one.

One of our team of experienced lawyers will accompany you and guide you through this process. This is FREE of charge regardless of your financial circumstances and we offer a 24 hour service, 365 days a year.

Based in the East Midlands, we are ideally placed to serve clients at police stations throughout Derbyshire, Cheshire, Greater Manchester and South Yorkshire. We also have access to representatives who are able to cover all parts of England and Wales.

Benefits of a Solicitor Being Present

Having a solicitor present at your police station interview can make a significant positive difference to the eventual outcome of your case. If you attend alone, you will be interviewed without any prior knowledge of what evidence there is against you. One of the key benefits of being legally represented is that we can obtain the evidence before your interview, discuss its strengths and weaknesses with you and advise you in relation to the legal implications of your account before you decide whether or not to give it to the police.

As lawyers we frequently hear that people have decided not to have a solicitor at interview because they want to ‘get out quicker’ or because they have ‘done nothing wrong’. This often results in admissions being made in interview because, through no fault of their own, people are unaware of the technicalities which exist within the law. It is also a myth that not having a solicitor results in you being dealt with more quickly. We are contacted by the police at the point they are ready to deal with your case and can be at most police stations within 45 minutes. The prosecution case begins at the police station and the importance of what happens there cannot be underestimated.

Protecting Your Rights

In addition to ensuring that your rights are protected whilst at the police station, we will also advise you where necessary about identification procedures, the taking of samples, house searches and any other issues which may arise.

Bail following any police station attendance is a key concern and we will make representations on your behalf in relation to the grant of bail and any conditions which the police may wish to put in place. Our objective is always to secure the best outcome for you.

Young people and those with mental health issues are particularly vulnerable in the police station and require an appropriate adult. It is essential that legal representation is sought in these cases to protect their interests.

Following your attendance at the police station, we have a rigorous system of ensuring that if you are bailed to return, we make enquiries with the police beforehand to determine what you can expect upon your return.

We will also assist you in retrieving any property that the police may have seized from you on your arrest or as a result of a house search.

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