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Crown Court Appearance

Criminal Law

If you are due to appear before a Crown Court in any part of the country in relation to any prosecution, our team of experienced lawyers are available to represent you.

Cases that are heard in the Crown Court involve the more serious offences which are beyond the sentencing powers of the magistrates court. Certain specific offences are always dealt with at the Crown Court and others because of the particular facts of the case. If you have been sentenced to a Crown Court order and subsequently breach that order, you will appear before the Crown Court for that breach to be dealt with.

Legal aid is available to everyone appearing at the Crown Court regardless of their financial circumstances. A contribution is payable by any defendant if they have income or capital over a certain limit. If you are subsequently acquitted, you can recover any contributions you have made.

You will be represented at the Crown Court either by our in-house Crown Court advocate Kirsten Collings or by one of a number of specialist barristers, selected by Bakers, which we will instruct on your behalf.

Bail Applications

You may appear before the Crown Court in custody or on bail depending on the circumstances of your case. Our advocates are skilled in making bail applications and can advise and represent you in relation to any bail application including an application to vary or remove conditions of bail.

Our dedicated Crown Court team will prepare your case thoroughly, interviewing your witnesses, instructing experts and undertaking whatever investigations are necessary to put you in the best position possible before the Court.

Convictions, Advice and Representation

If you are convicted, either because you plead guilty to an offence or because you are convicted after trial, you will be given comprehensive advice in relation to your rights to appeal your conviction and/or sentence. We will also represent you in any subsequent Confiscation Proceedings.

On conviction, the Crown Court has the power to make ancillary orders such as restraining orders and ASBO’s. These orders have to be justified and our lawyers can often persuade the Courts that they are not necessary in the particular circumstances of your case.

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