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Private Prosecutions

Criminal Law

In most cases, it is the Police or Crown Prosecution Service who initiate criminal proceedings. However, in cases which involve offences such as benefit fraud, animal neglect or trading standards offences, it is the relevant body that investigates and prosecutes. These offences can be prosecuted in both the magistrates and Crown Courts and are often punishable by sentences of imprisonment. If you are the subject of such an investigation, it is vital that you obtain legal advice as soon as possible.

At Bakers, our lawyers deal with a range of offences prosecuted by a range of authorities including:-

  • DWP
  • HSE
  • Trading Standards

If you are required to attend an interview in relation to an investigation, it may not take place at a Police Station but elsewhere such as a Jobcentre. Regardless of venue, it will still be an interview ‘under caution’ which means that in the criminal courts, it has the same status as a police interview.

Our lawyers are experienced at dealing with investigations of this type and can, in certain circumstances, obtain disclosure of the evidence against you, before you attend for the interview. This puts you in the best possible position.

Legal Aid & Costs

We can provide you with a fixed fee for attending an interview with you and in many cases, you may be eligible for legal aid.

If you are prosecuted, you will first appear at the magistrates court and then depending on how serious the case is, could be allocated to the Crown Court. Our team of specialist lawyers is on hand to prepare your case and represent you wherever your case is to be heard. We know that the cost of representation is a key concern and will provide you with a written quote at the outset of the case. Legal aid is also widely available for these types of prosecutions.

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