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Coronavirus update

Bakers Solicitors remains open for business and available to support the clients who need us.

Our solicitors are working, our telephone lines are open, and we are determined to ensure it is ‘business as usual’ with minimal disruption.

Technology allows Bakers Solicitors to continue representing clients who face personal difficulties. All our staff members have access to laptops and our staff are well equipped to work remotely. We have invested heavily in IT in recent times, including a state-of-the-art internet-based telephone system and cloud-based software. This enables us to keep disruption to an absolute minimum.

Whilst our offices will remain open, we will, in most cases, conduct client meetings by telephone or video conference. Most importantly we will continue to be available for existing and new clients.

Our family law solicitors are familiar with the recently published guidance from the President of the Family Division and as such will be able to represent clients at court hearings remotely or in person. Our criminal defence solicitors are well-used to video link technology but will also continue to attend police stations and courts in person when needed.

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    Robust & proactive approach


Confiscation, Restraint & Forefeiture

If you are arrested on suspicion of committing a criminal offence and as a result of a personal search or a search of property, your cash (in the form of coins or bank notes) is seized by the Police, this cash can be subject to forfeiture.

The Police can hold the cash for 48 hours before applying to a magistrates court for an extension of time. The magistrates must justify a decision to extend, but it is ultimately for the person whose cash it is, to prove that it has come from a legitimate source.

Our lawyers are experienced in dealing with such applications before the magistrates court and will fight, on your behalf, for the return of any cash seized.

A Restraint Order is used by the Prosecution when they are seeking to preserve and control the assets of someone who is the subject of criminal proceedings. They are usually used in cases involving serious drug offences, money laundering or fraud.

If the Court grants the order, it means that the person to whom it relates, is effectively blocked from dealing with their own assets, save that they are given a weekly allowance for their living expenses.

If the person is subsequently convicted of an offence, the Prosecution will then apply for a Confiscation Order under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002. This involves money or assets being confiscated by the Court if it is decided that the convicted person has benefited financially from criminal activity.

Confiscation Order - What to Expect

To make a Confiscation Order, the Court has to decide the value of the ‘benefit’ that the person has received as a result of criminal activity. It also has to decide what ‘available amount’ the person has and their ability to repay the ‘benefit’ to the Court. If the benefit is the same or less than the available amount, then the benefit is usually payable in full.

If the available amount is less than the original benefit, then the Court has to decide what amount should be paid back. Once the Court has decided the amount to be paid back, the person has a limited period of time to pay that money (usually 6 months) and if it is not paid, a sentence of imprisonment can be ordered in default. This sentence, does not however, cancel the debt.

Confiscation proceedings can be very complex and lengthy. Often, people’s financial circumstances are extremely complicated. For example, you may own property abroad or jointly with someone else. At Bakers we endeavour to make the process as easy for you as possible. We will arrange for assets to be valued, if necessary, and are often successful in negotiating down valuations put forward by the Prosecution.

You will be represented by an advocate experienced in this field and can rest assured that it is our aim to achieve the best possible result for you.


  • "I worried about sharing my issues with anyone but found it easy to talk to and listen to anyone and everyone who helped"

  • "On behalf of the FCA's.. I would like to say how impressed they are with you..the calmness which you bring to the case and also how informed you are on particularly complicated issues from a legal perspective"

  • "Just like to thank all who worked on my case and Ian for instructing excellent counsel"

  • I would just like to say thank you for everything you have done i know its your job but the way you treated me I can't thank you enough. To you and everyone at Bakers I would just like to say thank you.

  • "All the staff at Bakers Solicitors are kind, courteous, proficient and knowledgeable. I wouldn’t think twice of having them represent me or my family or friends"

  • "Bakers fought my corner all the way. He put me at ease throughout the Police investigation and made me feel like I was not alone."

  • "Kirsten has always given me her all. Thank you!!!"

  • "Tony Dales was really impressive. I never felt like I was dealing with you for the first time. My case was dealt with proper care and passion. I would definitely recommend Bakers Solicitors as I was very impressed"

  • I couldn't have possibly have had a better lawyer than yourself to help me through such an agonising process. You have made the whole experience more palletable.

  • "I had been told I had little chance of winning my case but David had his own views on this. It was a long case but we won...David knows his stuff and is dedicated to his case and clients"

  • "First class professional service. I would recommend you and would like to thank Kirsten Collings for her excellent job of representing me."

  • "If anyone I know needs a solicitor – I would most definitely recommend Bakers"

  • "It's all thanks to David. I never thought I'd see the day I had my little girl living with me again and I owe my now happy life to him"

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