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Why Legal Aid cuts will affect YOU

A new report by the Ministry of Justice shows the number of free legal advice centres has halved in recent years.

Many people seem to think they would never need Legal Aid. They would never break the law, so the huge cuts that have been made are irrelevant.

Yet when you consider these advice centres are most often used for matters relating to debt and benefit and housing issues as well as non-discrimination employment issues, you realise that access to justice isn’t always about breaking the law... if at all.

What about the boss that bullies you at work, or the landlord that withholds your deposit? There are hundreds of ways that ‘every day people’ are taken advantage of, or victimised in some way, every day. Legal Aid means having the resources to fight back, fairly. It means not having to put up with things that aren’t right simply because you can’t afford to fight back.

Even if these issues have never affected you so far, there’s the likelihood they may in the future.

Leading Social Housing Solicitor Jayesh Kunwardia commented; "swathes of people in need of legal help are now consistently being locked out of the justice system"

He goes on to say, “It is now up to the government, and the legal sector, to innovate within the system and ensure that access to justice is maintained for all”.

This is one of the reasons why, here at Bakers Solicitors, we offer a free 20 minute consultation with one of our highly qualified and experience lawyers to anyone requesting an appointment as well as providing free legal advice clinics within the community.

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