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Too Many Penalty Points on Licence

What are the driving offences I could get penalty points for?

OffencePenalty points givenDisqualification from driving?
Speeding 3-6 Discretionary
Failure to give information as to indentity of driver etc 6 Discretionary
Motor racing on the highway 3-11 Discretionary
Failing to comply with traffic light signals 3 Discretionary
Driving without due care and attention 3-9 Discretionary
Failing to stop after an accident and failing to report an accident 5-10 Discretionary
Driving without insurance 6-8 Discretionary
Driving without car tax 0 No
Driving without a licence 3-6 Discretionary
Driving without an MOT 0 No

If you or an employee is being prosecuted for a driving offence seek specialist help from the team at Bakers Motoring Law. Too many penalty points will often lead to disqualification. The loss of your driving licence can have a very real impact upon your life. The loss of employment is for many a very real consequence of losing their licence. To avoid disqualification you need expert advice and representation.



Our experts have extensive experience in presenting exceptional hardship arguments to the court and rarely lose this sort of argument. An exceptional hardship argument has to be well prepared and well presented. Our experts will do both on your behalf.


Mitigation can be used to stop you from getting to the point at which the court must consider imposing a period of disqualification. Our expert barristers and solicitors are available to represent you nationwide and ensure you get the right result when appearing before the court.


Bakers Solicitors are proud to offer an exclusive course promoting alcohol awareness to workers within the licencing trade.


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